R Christopher H, Sauganash, IL

At midnight last night I dropped by to check on the house I just bought to find that it had not been winterized and the water pipes had frozen and once thawed, one had burst. Cold water was cascading down the wall and, through the floor boards into my basement. The valve that controls the main from the street was rusted in place and would not turn to shut off the water flow. After foolishly waiting hours for the city of Chicago to come turn off the water main, I called Mike. It was 0330 in the morning. Mike answered his phone and was on site in 35 minutes. He cut the water line and inserted a new length of pipe and shut off valve. Problem solved. He told me immediately what the repair would cost and worked quickly to make the repair. He is a very friendly man and he got me out of a huge jam in the middle of the night. Thanks Mike.